Giraffes Before the Rains, Tanzania

It was the last hour of the day in Mikumi National Park in Tanzania.  A huge storm blew in from the east and all the animals were running across the grass plains toward the forest.  It was one of the moments that a photographer lives for.  Photo © Nathan Ward

Prayer Beads and Belief, Tibet

I saw the curtains above move slightly and I looked up.  A pair of eyes peered down, so I climbed up.  The monk and I had tea.  Then I got back on my bike and continued pedaling over the mountain passes of Tibet.  Photo © Nathan Ward.

Young Muslim Woman in Stonetown, Zanzibar

Wandering through the skinny streets of Stonetown on the island of Zanzibar, I came across this young woman in a shop.  She sat in the corner near the window.  I smiled and asked if I could make a photo of her.  She said yes.  Photo © Nathan Ward.

Hilltop Monastery in Ladakh, India

High above Leh, Buddhist monk warriors once used this hilltop monastery to scan the valleys below for marauding armies. Photo © Nathan Ward.

Himalayan Yak Herder, Tibet

In the mountain valleys of Tibet, high above the political realities, families still roam with their herds of yaks. Together they migrate between the sweet green pastures of summer grass. This herder served us tea inside his black yak hair tent while the rain raged outside. Photo © Nathan Ward.

Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Ruaha National Park remains a wild place full of beautiful African wildlife. After a nearly sleepless night of hippos mating outside our tent, I crawled out to snap this sunrise of baobabs, weaver nests over the Ruaha River.  Photo © Nathan Ward.

Hindu Holy Man at Janika Temple, Nepal

Far from the Buddhist Himalayan highlands, the Nepalese Terrai is flat, hot and Hindu. This sadhu sat on the steps of the Janika Temple in Janakpur, Nepal. I met him while motorcycling across the Himalayas. Photo © Nathan Ward.

Hadza Hunter-Gatherer Boy, Tanzania

The Hadza live in the Central Rift Valley.  They have no written language, no permanent homes, no calendars.  They still hunt and gather to survive.  They also now survive by showing tourists how to hunt and gather too.  Photo © Nathan Ward.