Global Dental Relief At Work in Ladakh, India

Dr. Tom Grams and assistant work on a young Ladakhi patient in Leh, the ancient capital city of Ladakh.  This project is part of Global Dental Relief's non-profit work promoting dental care in developing countries.  Photo © Nathan Ward.

Families Living by the Road, India

Many poor families in India work and live in the roads. Global Dental Relief targets families like this that lack proper health care and fall far outside the government system. Photo © Nathan Ward.

Buddhist Monastery Over the Indus River, India

Incredible Buddhist monasteries dot the landscape in Ladakh, India.  This monastery looks out over the holy Indus River, east of Leh.   Photo © Nathan Ward.

Dental Hygienist Cleaning Teeth, India

Colorado dental hygienist Liz Southern cleaning the teeth of a young Ladakhi girl. Children from the area participate in a project sponsored by Global Dental Relief.  Photo © Nathan Ward.

Young Monk in Ladakh, India

Ladakh remains a Buddhist region of India. Photo © Nathan Ward.

GDR Volunteer Teaches Teeth Brushing, Ladakh

Volunteers with GDR teach necessary skills like basic teeth brushing to village children in Ladakh, India. Photo © Nathan Ward.

Children Clean Their Teeth in Ladakh, India

Ladakhi children practice their newly learned skills. GDR returns to certain areas year after year so children get continued care over time. Photo © Nathan Ward.

Buddhist Watchtower over Royal Palace in Leh, Ladakh

Monk warriors used to watch the valleys below from this watchtower. Today it's a simple Buddhist monastery. Photo © Nathan Ward.

Ladakhi Village Men Spin Prayer Wheels, India

Village men spin prayer wheels at a festival to honor the work done by dentists and helpers with Global Dental Relief. Photo © Nathan Ward.

Founder of Global Dental Relief, Kim Troggio

Kim Troggio founded Global Dental Relief and runs dental voluntourism trips in Asia and South America. Photo © Nathan Ward.

Image of Buddha in Ladakh, India

Peace. Photo © Nathan Ward.