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Nepal – The End of the Annapurna Circuit

Posted by: Nathan Ward    Tags:      Posted date:  December 4, 2010
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The Nepalese and Chinese recently completed a road along what was once the western half of the famed Annapurna Circuit – once the most famous trekking route in the world.  We traveled to the region before the road was finished and road our mountain bikes counterclockwise around the Annapurna Circuit.  One side remained beautiful and traditional, the side with the road was something different.  Not something better.  They are now building a road up the eastern side of the Annapurna Circuit and when it’s finished in a couple of years, the days of the Annapurna Circuit will be over.

Now there are roads completed to both the southern and northern borders of the mythical Kingdom of Mustang.  Will Mustang be the next wild area sacrificed to the desire to connect the markets of China to the markets of India?  Choose to fight for the few wild area left on Planet Earth.


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